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Please note that this library is still in pre-release status and is not production-ready. We are still making large changes to the API, so please come back for a more polished project.

Typescript library designed to facilitate the creation of serverless Discord bots with slash commands.


  • Fully typed for improved code reliability
  • Object-oriented API for ease of use
  • Integrates directly with AWS Lambda for scalable, serverless computing
  • Asynchronous handlers using SQS for efficient message processing

Getting Started

To get started quickly and easily, we recommend using our pre-built template available at: This template includes all necessary dependencies and file structure to start building your own Discord bot with serverless-discord.


Detailed documentation can be found at Our documentation covers installation and setup, as well as detailed information on the serverless-discord API and its usage.


We welcome contributions to serverless-discord. Please see for more information on how to get started. Thank you for considering contributing to our project!

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